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Intrepid 2D Game Library  v.1.0

Intrepid is an object-oriented 2D game programming library written in C++ utilizing OpenGL and SDL that takes care of the low-level programming involved in making 2D games.

JGame - a Java engine for 2D games  v.20110425

JGame is a small multiplatform 2D game engine.


MoonLight Engine  v.2111.1

The main purpose of the Moonlight Engine is to be a general 2D game engine geared towards tile-based games, and RPGs specifically. Support for online games is also planned.

Toejamand Earl  v.1.0

ToeJam & Earl takes place from a top-down perspective in a 2D game world. Its gameplay mechanics were inspired by Rogue, which has led to its description as a Roguelike or dungeon-crawl game.

CoolBasic  v.10 4

CoolBasic Classic is a BASIC-like game programming language specialized in 2D game making. It features complete framework for game graphics, sound, input, and networking - only to name a few.

Play Basic (Learning Edition)  v.1.63v6

The PlayBasic Learning Edition is a simplified version of the full PlayBasic Retail package. This edition is available FREE and is aimed at users wanting to learn 2D game programming without the constraints of time limits.

Ethanon Engine  v.0.8.1

Ethanon Engine is a free 2D game development tool focused on the recent video cards for hardware acceleration and shader effects. It may be used to develop any style of game, such as top-down view RPG's, side scrollers and shoot'em up games.

DXGame Engine  v.1. 9. 2005

The DXGame Engine is a 2D game engine for Visual Basic that allows even novice programmers to quickly get a project up and running. Features include easy sprite movement, explosions, particle engine, tilemaps, alpha, rotation, scaling, and more!

Ultratap  v.

Ultratap is a simple-yet-challenging 2D game requiring skill and fast reaction times. Ultratap is quite fast and surprisingly addictive, ideal for both short bursts of fun as well as longer play sessions. The small blue ball will move to your tap.

Entropy Engine  v.64

EntropyEngine is a Java based 2D game engine.

Flexible Isometric Free Engine  v.3

FIFE is a cross platform 2D game creation framework written in C++ with Python bindings.

Jxarcade  v.beta1

JXArcade is a 2D Game Editor for JAVA.

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